Getting the best from your camera and SkyManager

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All Windows Phones have a built-in "upload to SkyDrive" feature, it is very handy since you can launch the camera, take a picture and pick that option from the ... menu.

However there is a huge drawback: The picture will be re-sized to a 718x538 low resolution image, which is pretty bad if you want to have that picture as an original rather than a low-res-quick-sharing version.

Thankfully there is SkyManager, which by giving you pretty much the same experience, allows you to upload the picture to SkyDrive with a much more decent size you can actually call hi-resolution (since version 1.2 you can now upload original full-res!). More than that, combined with a cropping functionality which will help you get rid of the always present "dead areas" in order to improve the overall appearance of the subject matter in your pic. So lets go to the facts...

Taking the picture

As typically done with the standard WP camera: Take the picture and go to ... > share

You will see all the typical sharing options but this time you will pick the one saying "SkyManager", go ahead...

You will be taken to the SkyManager integrated uploader. There you can pick a destination folder from your SkyDrive or just use the default (built-in functionality won't let you do that!):

It will also allow you to crop the image before uploading (built-in functionality will neither let you do that!):

And when done, just press the upload button and voila! (you can also press the "later" button if you don't have a proper connection at the moment. SkyManager will queue it for you):

The results

Both the SkyManager-way and the built-in-way will upload your photo to SkyDrive, but there will be significant differences in size and quality.

Also note although we used SkyManager, we never had to launch the app from the programs list.

So about the differences, lets see them.

First, the most evident, note the difference in sizes (scaled proportionally):

Their properties according to Windows Live Photo Gallery:

Note: currently SkyDrive for 3rd party apps puts a limit of 2048 pixels width to any uploaded picture, that's why we have that cap, but hopefully that limitation will be removed soon. Still 2048 is pretty acceptable to be considered an "original" specially if you crop and get the relevant portion of your photo. Forget about this upgrading to version 1.2!

Secondly and consequently, the quality (both zoomed to match same size):

See the two original photos after being uploaded: with SkyManager and with built-in.

Let your eyes be the judge!

And if you see the benefit don't hesitate in getting SkyManager with the built-in uploader today! Both the free and paid version support this functionality (though crop is only possible with the full version).

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