c0y0t3f4n81 4 years ago • updated by JDB (Employee) 4 years ago 1

LG Quantum 7.5.  Due to a Jailbreak gone awry I cannot connect to a pc without resetting the phone. However I have a few thousand pics in the Saved Pictures folder that I am in the process of uploading, one at a time :( .

SkyManager preferences; when touching 'Allow me to pick my photos from' states Camera Roll, how to alter this to Saved Pictures ?  When I touch this area the screen goes blank & nothing happens unless using the back arrow key.  Is this only accessible in the full version ?

Also, I have not yet been able to access how to upload a folder, did I misunderstand this feature ?

Many thanks in advance, c0y0t3f4n81.

Which folders are listed in settings where you pic the default uploading folder?