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Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by Joe Vining 2 years ago 5
I keep having a false notification on the live tile & lock screen. The tile & lock will show '1', if I go into the app there isn't any new notifications for me, and when I go out of the app it disappears, only to return about 10 minutes later. When I do get a real notification the count increases, eg, to '2', but there would actually be only one new notification.
I'm running 8.1, when I get a real toast I get an alert through the action center, the false one does not.
Under review
You must have some unread notification from a game or something you have not marked as read. Check notifications from a desktop and see if there is any marked as unread.
This problem is still there.....
I checked what I can, according to me there are no pending notifications, but still the life tile in my case shows a 4.....
I have the same issue. I think it's a friend location alert (actually, I have two), but since the new menu implementation, the Social Scout notification icon seems to be missing from the top menu, so there's no way to clear it.
Update: It's very likely this, as I've just been notified that I've, once again, exceeded my notifications limit, even though there are no notifications to clear.
I turned off the friend location alerts and everything is fine.