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4 years ago • updated by JDB (Employee) 3 years ago 6

Since the newest update has the ability to change the icons and menu bars to the chosen Windows phone color, would it be possible to add this:


leave the app (or at least a part of it) running in the background and check regularly whether the default empty inbox icon changes to the icon showing 1, 2, ... new messages. This once the icon changes, the app can send a notification that one or more messages have arrived in your inbox. No need for the 20min waiting option or other workarounds, ... You could add an option where the user can choose at what intervals the inbox icon should be checked: every 5 min, 10 min, 15min, ...


The notifications (tile or toast or lockscreen) don't even need to be detailed, just a "new message" would be enough.


No Facebook app (not even the official one)  is able to do this. JDB Facebook could be clearly the best facebook app without any contest with this feature!


Thanks. Sounds like it could work. Only thing would be to check how much it could affect battery.

It could be made optional with for instance a warning concerning battery life. But I don't think it is gonna be too bad, as (if possible) not the whole newsfeed would have to be reloaded, but only the icon or top bar. Furthermore the only alternative to have fast notifications of new messages would be the messaging app or chat apps that are always connected and drain the battery even more. So with this benchmark in mind, it might be equal or better from a battery life point of view to have such an option in your app!
The new facebook app is very perfect. If is possible, please change the colour of notification in red and not black. Thanks

It will follow the theme of your phone. As Windows Phone notifications look. Maybe we can set red for the 'Facebook' theme.


Testing this, seems not to be working since when app is sent to background the webbrowser control goes to sleep, regardless the IdleDetectionMode.Disabled on the app. Will continue investigating...