Mike 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 3
I've had the paid version of Handyscan for a while now and loved it.  Today I'm suddenly face with a bunch of Ads and a message saying that I can get rid of them for $9.99/year.  What the heck?  I've already paid once - do I have to keep paying now?  Is there some compelling new feature to justify the additional cost?
Under review
Dear user, we have faced a technical issue with existing users.

Please update the app to the latest 4.0.2 version that will be available today end of day. If problem persists please contact us to mail@jdbp.mobi

Thanks for your comprehension.

Phew - That's a relief!
I was worried I was going to have to switch to an inferior product!  :)  Thanks for you quick response and I look forward to the update.