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My budget period starts when I receive my salary. In moBudget the budget seems to start at the first day of the month. Since I receive my salary on the ~20th, I have 20 days with full budget and no real money and 10 days with scarcely any budget left and loads (well ...) of money. Being able to set a custom date for the start of the budget period would resolve this issue. I reckon I'm not the only one with a broken budget period. Perhaps even a global setting would suffice.

Some questions...

How would you name the month you start on 20 Jan? Jan or Feb?

And what about accounts? Do you also track monthly activity from 20 to 20?

I'd say Jan, but Feb would be fine for me too, as long as it's consistent throughout the application. "20 Jan" would be even clearer. I track all activities from salary to salary so a pervasive approach would suit me best.
Is this request related to the "Safe spend" indicator? or goes for the entire budgeting features in the app?
The budgeting as well, it's that part of the application that makes it so powerful: being able to see what is budgeted, already expended and what it left in your budget period. Thanks!
It is encouraging that this issue is now receiving recognition.

I see a solution to this problem by entering the reference "Financial Calendar".
It set the values ​​of the beginning and end of the month, for example, "finansofy January" begins January 15 and ends February 15. The beginning and end of each month, set up separately. If necessary, I can not describe in more detail.

stupid translator =) "I can describe in more detail"
A salary to salary option rather then having to operate within a Calendar month to month would be excellent! 
Thanks all for the feedback.
So is all this related to budgets only? Or would this also apply to accounts monthly transactions list?
I would say the logical approach would be for this to apply to budgets as the "money box" gets emptier as the next pay day approaches. The monthly transaction list is just a concise and simple breakdown of income and outcome. Well, that is my opinion anyway.
Interesting when you mention money box, because that lines up more with cash flow and maybe the real need behind is some way to integrate budget to money availability(cash flow).

This is how we see it: the budget is a conceptual number that sets spending parameters within a calendar month. So it gives you the ability to control expenses within a calendar month, compare with past months and budget future months.

Money availability or cash flow is a different story, and currently runs independently from budgeting, but integrating both could be the solution.

What do you all think? We have no financial vast background but trying to find the most suitable approach. And if anyone knows about another app which has this feature please reference it so we can grab some ideas.

Have a happy new year...

Well, I have had a look at some common financial PC and smartphone apps on the market, and I have been unable to find any with this kind of functionality.

The closest solution I have seen is where the "start date" of the monh is specified and monthly reports are produced with this range.

From my brief knowledge of accounting, a way of fudging mo-budget to report a realistic monthly budget would be to make transactions after a certain paydays pending until the start of the next calendar month.

I guess this may be double through app coding, but this is probably the reason why there no other examples out there (that I have been able to find at least).



I am evaluating this application and this is one thing that I also have wondered if it would be able to present your accountin this way. I have been using the app EasyMoney on the Android platform and there you have this option, you can hoose to to see the actual amount of money in your account by using the view setting "Todays Balanace", and you also have the ability to make budgets.

On accounts is possible as well on moBudget, but this topic is about setting a start date for a budget.

I have been using moBudget for about a 3 weeks now and I really like it, except for the calendar months.

This is how we see it: the budget is a conceptual number that sets spending parameters within a calendar month. So it gives you the ability to control expenses within a calendar month, compare with past months and budget future months.

The ideal would be to use a financial month and not the actual calendar month. Sort of like a financial year. By setting the month from 25th – 25th or whatever you prefer, rather than 1st – 31st. In theory you should be able to make everything (budget, cash flow, accounts, reports) use this financial month rather than then actual month.

That sounds more reasonable since managing multiple timeframes would bring a lot of complexity.

If you set the month time frame to the fincancial month then you will be upsetting a number of other users, as i am sure not every one is the same.  i get paid on the last working day of the month, Some people get paid every 4 weeks while some may get paid weekly.

If a change has to be made then i would say there needs to be some way of accomodating the majority if not all users.


Not if the time frame can be set by the user. You don’t have to use the feature if you don’t want to. Just set the start of the time frame to the 1st of the month, and then you will still be using the actual calendar month. But if you want to use it, you can.

Yes, even if your not going to be using the feature, it still needs to be a configurable setting.

If its hardcoded to suit one group of users then it will take away funcationality from another group.

Yes would be optional. Still evaluating the impact, since the app data structure is based on months, and the app also supports years...

Hi Guys

Any update on this?

Given the amount of interest shown in the request for this app functionality, as well as the time that has passed, one would have thought a solution to this issue would have been inthe offing by now.  I cannot say I am too surprised that this has not been the case as the reponses from JDB have been lacking in showing any ideas for a solution.  They are the developers. Why ask the end user for programming ideas?  If it is beyond their capabilities, simply say "it cannot be done".


It is both a technical and a conceptual problem. Using different start and end dates for months brings more complexity and confusion to the app, and would require major changes in the app architecture.

I believe some users are confusing cash availability with budgeting. The app already has the mechanisms to warn and notify about cash availability. Budgets are abstracted from money availability or money cash flow, they are aimed to simply help controlling spending(not money flow), and the premise is: spending must not surpass what one expects to spend on a given period of time. Whether transactions happen by the beginning or the end of the month they still belong to a period(call it a month), just a way of controlling (cash-flow is yet another way of controlling, but a physical one, budget is logical).

After evaluating this for a year, we still don't have a clear panorama. Still is raw idea and the fact that no other app seems to implement it proves the same we are trying to prove. Sorry we have created false expectations, will mark this for review again if something changes.

If you can do it for a start date of the 1st of the month you can do it for any start date, you just have to put in a global offset. I would suggest that this be part of the initial setup , rather than an option later.
If it helps, Account Tracker has this option for Budgets and Reports.
Hi guys
is there any chance for this ? we use hijri calendar here so either add other calendar support or let us use financial month instead of real one