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JDB (Employee) 2 years ago • updated 11 months ago 27
As requested in this topic, we are considering a new edition of moBudget.

It will feature the following:

  • Web based (usable for desktop, tablets, phones)
  • Multi-user (members of your family or small business)
  • Multi-device syncing (use it from phone or tablet)
  • Not just for WP anymore (will run on any modern browser over iOS, Android, WP)
  • Internet connection dependent (offline mode might be available but just for adding transactions)
The classic moBudget(as you know it today) will remain, however this new moBudget will cost monthly, starting $1.99 a month.

Would like to know if you would be interested and willing to pay for an app like this an average of $1.99 a month.

Please vote with the thumb buttons below. And feel free to comment.

Your application is for me the most useful that i have. You can coun't on my 24 $ per year ;)

Thank you for your great job !
Your application is for me the most useful that i have. You can count on my 24 $ per year ;)

Thank you for your great job !
mitigated at the moment. If it has some good offline feature, I really don't like to be data dependant. and the app relly helped when i travel.

The starting at 1.99 is a bit worrying as it implies different offers.

For me to go on a monthly subscription it seriously have to offer crazy good features and frequent updates...

As tour idea is still Under review, I can't say it's bad or not. Just have to try it out before giving a definite opinion.

Oh one more thing, 2 dollars a month seems too much.

Could you also give more détails on the app? at the moment everything is stored localy on the phone, I think that now it'll sync on your servers? what'll be the privacy Policy?

Thanks for your answers. 
Under review
Yes, it becomes a service rather than a stand alone app. For multiuser and synchronization to happen it must be server based, and server has costs. All data will reside on server, with the adequate security measures.
I'd rather have a standalone system where the user has full ownership of financial data as I believe its my personal privacy matters. As for the cost etc, it's abit high especially when I can just use free services like mint or even Toshl. If this is the direction it's going, I'll be looking towards an alternative service which is a big regret as I loved the mobudget app and have used it for over 2 years. Perhaps consider an advertising based model with an offline capable html 5 app?
The WP standalone app will remain as it is, no monthly cost. Users wanting multi-user and multi-device syncing will have to pay monthly.
Cant the syncing be through dropbox or OneDrive??
I would much prefer the back-end system syncing rather than being reliant on dropbox or oneDrive
I'm interested !
Your application is for me the most useful that i have. You can count on my 24 $ per year ;)

Thank you for your great job !
Is there a way to offer some users the Universal app approach(synching via Onedrive) and maybe offering a server based setup for those who want that?
The current app will remain, with Onedrive backup. Note that OneDrive is just storage, it is not designed for realtime syncing. It is different.
The efforts in building a Universal app (it is actually "universal" in the Windows universe) are not worth, we plan to make one effort to fit other platforms as well, not just Windows (which is the minority).
Yes I will happily pay $24 dollars a year for desktop accessibility. Great app but a ball ache to enter all the data on my phone. It makes adoption very slow and time consuming...the only possible reason I can think why some people have not given it 5 stars!!

Keep up the good work!!
Prefect Pro! Thanks! You Do Great!
I think I'm not going to buy this app. I simply don't want to store my private data on external server. I also don't need access to my data from browser. What I need, is just moBudget on bigger screen, with charts etc. It would be nice, if I could edit(add) mobudget's database, but I admit just read only access from pc. I understand you have to treat this globally - I'm only describing my needs. I'm also a software engineer and I even thought about writing such app for previewing mobudget's database in desktop app. It would be simplier if I wouldn't have to reverse engeneering db ;).
Thanks for the feedback. You can actually go ahead with your idea about a viewer for desktop, but only if it will be open to other users. The data is not a real database, it is XML files with a very particular structure (thought to be mobile effective) but any desktop or web app should have no problems to read and take advantage. To explore the data, rename your .mobak file to .zip and check the file mobudget.xml
What do You mean "open for other users"? I think my app would be available via Windows Store -of course if I will have time for that - now  I haven't ;).
I've seen those xml files.
I better thought of a web based app, which starts by showing a QR. With moBudget we could enable QR scanning so when the user scans that QR it transfers the xml files to the website and some javascript will draw the data or charts there. Just thinking aloud...
Interesting idea. But I'm not a big fan of web based apps ;). You have to maintain web server. I believe the best software is a soft you can write, release and forget ;) - better if it can earn some money without putting to much attention. Anyway, I'm asking You if You agree to use moBudget db and name in theoretical app called "moBudget Viewer" or something.
I want tell you, that I simply don't want to store private financial data on an external server. That's a dedicate thing. I'm sure you know how difficult it is to provide strong security.
in Europe there are various apps which need an account and where your data have to go via those servers: Head on to WP store an read, what readers think about such a solution! Many negative entries like " no thanks, not giving my private financial data to foreign servers".
so no, I wouldn't use that service. I prefer a standalone app with encrypted one drive back up.
Have you already checked the possibilities of the new one drive API from a dev point of view?
Well secured external servers are actually more secure than individual phones storage.
That "OneDrive" magic everybody trusts has the same security of an Azure cloud service (also from Microsoft) which is the type of service to be used on a solution like this. The same that big corporations and ecommerce companies use. But if you are referring to users perception then your are right.
Hi !
How far along are you at this point?
I can't wait to use this new edition of moBudget !
I think the app is just plain dead. Time to move on. After 2 years, still no glimpse of the new app and no communication.

it is a shame the app is very good, I can't find any equivalent of an offline personal finance app, but at the same time I can't continue to pile up more data when I don't have any visibility of the future with it.

it works yes, but it is not evolving, and there are bugs which are not fixed. Can't wait to encounter a critical bug to move on. It is really upsetting and sad.
I Moved to www.buxfer.com last year.
I managed to extract all my data from moBudget and upload one account at a time.
There are some slight differences, but the winner is that it automatically imports my transactions which is an optional feature. This didn't work for my bank at first, but a quick email to their support team and within a week my transactions were being automatically loaded for me.
The Tagging feature is a also a great addition, instead of categories, you can add multiple tags to a transaction. Tags are organised in a hierarchy so you can easily migrate your subcategories to it as a starting point.

MoBuget has not been installed on my phone months, which is a shame, but time and needs move on . . . .

Hello There

I was a huge fan of WP for years, but one year ago I decided to move on and started using iPhone. The only app I really miss from my WP is MoBudget. For me it is the best budgeting app out there. I have tried YNAB (Paid), HomeBudget (Pro Version), Toshl (Pro), GoodBudget, and many more (I am not able to use Mint or Pulse since I live outside US), but after trying all those apps, definitely MoBudget is the best, it is easy to use but extremely powerful. The way you can see your cashflow, all the account types and how they interact within the app is just great. I really hope you can create this product for iPhone (or Android) because you have a great app and you have understood what the user need, most of the other apps are good, but not as good as yours. I would be happy to pay $1,99 for a great App.

Hope you keep going and develop the app... you have a winner app... just trust yourself.



Please continue to support just recommended your product to someone else.