Ian Chau 5 years ago • updated by JDB (Employee) 4 years ago 7
I have v2.3 full licence installed on my Nokia Lumia 800. Phone numbers and other contact info are not showing up for some contacts when pinning.
have the same problem in the Phone number is visible only at the list of contacts during the search by pressing digits, but there is no numbers in the contact card
Still can't reproduce this issue. Do you have contacts with same or similar name?

hi, i bought the app (v2.8)today and i have this problem too.  the issue appears to be with contact profile that are linked with a windows live and facebook.  contacts linked with facebook will only display the picture, whereas non-facebook profile will display everything, picture, home, cell, work#, email, etc.

please fix replicate and fix soon :)

p.s: using a lumia 900.

There are a few cases where this happen. Does the Outlook contact have last name field blank?

I bought the app on 15th August, for my Lumia 710, and I have noticed this kind of problem for contacts that I have edited (even 2 days after edition), and for some contacts that have the mobile number in facebook (even if I added again the mobile number in google account).

How can I see my version of the app? How can I resync?


# (sett)

sync problem solved.