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The Live Tile seems to have stopped refreshing at some point.  I need to go into the app and tap refresh for it to change.  It certainly had not refreshed in over 12 hours the last time I checked.

I did uninstall the app, restart the phone, and reinstall it to no avail.


We have made an attempt to resolve this issue (it is hard to reproduce hence to fix).

Please update to version 3.0.2 and report if any improvements.

You can upgrade directly from http://appointile.jdbpocketware.com

Some users have reported this but not isolated to only Appointile, it generally affects 3rd party apps running in background. Can you confirm others work?

I've been playing around, and the only other app that has this issue is a calendar app as well, funnily enough. Appointile works fine on WP 8.1.1 unless you choose to show Facebook appointments, then it gives sync error toasts, but remove Facebook and it works again (for me, anyway). Weird.

It is the only live tile app that I use.  Is there a free app that you could recommend I could use as a test?

I also see this issue. Happens at least once a day on my Nokia 920. I have other apps that work flawlessly (all the built-in ones and others like my weather app) and other third party ones that occasionally have an issue.

Syncing should occur every 30 minutes unless you do it manually.

Automatic syncing will only happen if battery is not in saving mode.

If not syncing at all, please try disabling the back of the tile of the main tile and set the secondary tile to Off. Will it sync after that?

If still problems can you reinstall the app?

If trouble persists let me know. Also specify your phone model.

Can you try disabling the back of the tile and disabli the secondary tile?

I never had those features enabled so I don't think it is that.

It seems I started a new thread on this when there was an existing one. I never had these features enabled and the phone is a Nokia 920. I will tried to find better repro case details.

Hi !
I have a Nokia Lumia 620 and I bought AppoinTile, and I notice a problem with Live Tile refresh too.

(I write here instead of creating a new topic, but maybe I shouldn't ?)

It works fine as long as I'm home, but when I go out and I stop WiFi then the Live Tile and the Lock Screen stop to refresh... So the delay before the next appointments is quickly out of date.
Is it a normal feature, and in this case can't it be possible to have the Live Tile and Lockscreen to refresh even if WiFi (or other data connection) is unavailable ?

If you enabled Facebook calendar can you test again disabling it?

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately I do not have facebook calendar enabled, only the Outlook one (that can't be disabled it seems).
I tried to activate and desactivate facebook calendar but it doesn't change anything...

Maybe Facebook required re-authentication. Did you try enabling it back?
I've unticked and reticked the Facebook events multiple times on the choose calendar section. Works without it, get sync errors with it. How do you reauthenticate? There are no options for that other than use it or don't.
It doesn't ask for login after enabling it?

Can you check with version 2.2.3?

Sure, just as soon as the update become available for download.

Mine's doing the same on a Lumia 1020, even complete reinstalls don't help, but other calendar apps work fine.

I've set a secondary tile's function as a resync, which works but isn't ideal.
Make sure you have version 3.0.0
Can you try disabling the secondary tile and check if it then updates every 20 minutes?
Still not updating I'm afraid!
Huh, now my other calendar app I was using in the mean time has stopped working, so I guess it's not Appointile.
It shouldn't after the fix.

Go to phone settings > battery, fin the app, tap to see if it has background permissions.

There is also a bug on WP that tiles won't update when having no mobile signal.
Huh, my other calendar app wasn't allowed to update, that's why it wasn't working. Appointile was though. Weird.
Can you reinstall it?
Have done completely, the Live tile works for a couple of hours then stops updating. Weird.
Can you check if it updates after 20 minutes and after:
- Setting main tile to "normal" (small size)
- Disabling back mode for main tile
- Disabling the secondary tile
Took about 6 hours or so, but has stopped working in these conditions
You mean it worked for 6 hours and then stopped? Please specify your phone model.
Yes, it updated every 20 minutes for about 6 hours or so then stopped working. I have a Lumia 1020 on Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview.
Maybe those 6 hours matched the no-sync range? (see settings > sync schedule)

And can you again set your tiles as they were to confirm they won't update after 20 mins? (not being in battery mode and not on the no-sync range)
The tile stopped updating sometime around 8pm and the out of range time is at 10pm. I'll put it to 24 hours and try again anyway, but shouldn't make a difference.
It doesn't update at all until you reinstall it, then even with the 24 hour update setting it stops working after a few hours. How bizarre.
Want to make sure you have the version for 8.1, do you have the options to edit appointments?
Apparently I forgot to reply, sorry, but yes, I can edit appointments. Still doesn't update.
Same thing here, your live tile doesn't refresh anymore. Based on the comments here above, here are some details:
- it's only your live tile. Others work fine.
- it also affects the lock screen information, this is also not refreshed.
- I started the app often so it's not the wp7 problem you mention.

So you have WP7? Because that version hasn't been updated for months and was working all fine. Did you set up Facebook events? If so can you disable and see?
Is version 3.0.1 working better?
I have a Lumia 1020 on wp8.1, developer preview. My main tile (large) doesn't update unless I enable a second small tile and let that sit somewhere on the start screen as well.

I see here the suggestion to disable the facebook calendar. I will try that and get back here.
Additionally, running 8.1 beta.
Everything was fine on my Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8 (not 8.1 yet.)  I bought a lumia 930 with windows 8.1 and it's not refreshing.

Just to communicate from our email discussion, I had tried to pin the 2nd live tile and remove it without success.  When I enabled the 2nd small tile, it was stuck on loading....  also.  I never saw anything from that 2nd live tile.

I like this app cause I can choose it as a app to show detailed status and doesn't have to take my whole back ground.

Thanks for your efforts.  Won't microsoft help out with trouble shooting?
To remove the secondary tile, did you do it from the Tiles Setup section?
don't think so, just unpinned from start.  I just did what you asked... Will see!
So after my last post, Today the last sync time is still showing yesterday, when I did the procedure to remove secondary tile with the checkbox in the appointile app.
I stopped worrying about it and it's syncing again. Though I do need to make sure I open the app once a day or two, I'm not sure.
I am experiencing this too, though I don't think it's the live tile not working; rather it's the app itself which is not syncing (for instance, the lockscreen info doesn't update either). I'm set to 24 hour syncing, no secondary tile, version on a Lumia 920 running Cyan/WP8.1 (not dev preview). Whenever I manually sync the tile updates immediately along with the lockscreen info.
^^^ I agree I think he's right, the problem is not that the live tile is not updating, but rather that the app itself is not updating, because my lock screen is out of date too until I do a manual refresh inside the app. as soon as I do that, everything is updated.

I'm on lumia 925 latest developer preview 8.10.14157.200 please let me know if I can provide any additional info.
There is something causing out of memory while updating the tile, so stops the update, but only for some users and thats odd.
Have any of you reinstalled after making the phone OS update?
I've completely uninstalled mine and redownloaded; same issue. Very bizarre.
Having problems with Live Tile not updating since I updated to windows phone 8.1 on a Lumia 920. Using version Appointile. Please fix asap...!!
Did you try reinstalling after the update?
I have a Lumia 920, I'm using AppointTile since more than one year. It seems that since about one week ago and after my update to WP8.1 the live tile just stoped refreshing. I deleted the live tile and added it again and it keeps not refreshing. I use other live tiles as CNN and NBC and AccuWeathear and they are refreshing nicely. I think that it started once that it requested me again the Facebook ID and password, maybe it has nothing to do but it was by the same time as I could remark. After the update to WP8.1 the tile was refreshing. That happened afterwards.
Still investigating this. Works for some and some not.
Can you temporarily disable the Facebook calendar and see if updates?
When you say works for some do you mean that it works some times or that for the people that it works for it always works, and for the people that it doesn't it always doesn't?

because when it works for me it works for like a day, then stops. So if the people for whom it always works always works that mght be a good place to look for a pattern..

please let me know how I can help as I really miss this functionality, thanks
I've tried reinstalling now, will report my findings.
Still not updating properly unfortunately. :(

i use appointile for kalendar in lockscreen

sometimes there are no entries
or only from the past.
no entries from the future...

then i have to open the App.
after that The entries are there

I am so sad to have bought the app and it's not working as needed :(. I use it for a year already.

Anyway, the problem is that even *inside* the application, it's not properly updated. For example, now it's 28.01.2015, hour 21:57. When I go to the app from the tile (to the upcoming appointments) it says: last synced on tue 27, 12:11.

I tried to use both "Sync periodically and between 7 - 22", and "24 hours" (not sure, which updates more quick? It's annoying to have to go in the app and click on "Refresh"...

I really don't worry about it anymore... most times it's ok syncing, if not, I open it and boom.  This isn't the only app it happens to either so... it happens.  Don't fret about it.  I still use it for lockscreen purposes.  It's got the best option for me to be able to put it as a notification detailed status app instead of controlling my whole lock screen.
If you are including Facebook calendar can you remove it? (from tile settings > ... > pick calendars)
wasn't sure if it was directed to me but I don't use facebook at all.
Did you try reinstall? This weird behavior is reported by some people but still not able to find the cause...

No, I am not using Facebook. The calendars I am using is: Outlook Exchange, the Hotmail one which is hooked to the phone and another on from Google ("Other" type).
This should be fixed by going to Settings > Tiles Setup > ... > Pick Calendars and then uncheck and check all again.
Under review
Can you go to Tiles setup > ... > 'pick calendars' and unselect / select your calendars again?
We have made an attempt to resolve this issue (it is hard to reproduce hence to fix).

Please update to version 3.0.2 and report if any improvements.

You can upgrade directly from http://appointile.jdbpocketware.com
We have made an attempt to resolve this issue (it is hard to reproduce hence to fix).

Please update to version 3.0.2 and report if any improvements.

You can upgrade directly from http://appointile.jdbpocketware.com

the bug still remains even in

the tile can work for month but for unexpected reason, suddenly the bug comes again.

then 3 or 4 updates and stop refreshing again.