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Vladimir Konovalov 5 years ago • updated by JDB (Employee) 3 years ago 6
the operation wth TASKS have to be included into app, imho

great idea! task support in WP7 has been atrocious... adding this feature natively to AppoinTile would be SLICK, especially if it integrated with another task app that you made specifically for managing tasks ;)


I love to have this as well, I remember SBSH PocketBreeze in Windows Mobile (really long time ago indeed) have this feature and I miss it so much after switching to android! Now there seems to be a light on WP8 and I highly suggest to add this to-do list/tasks function back!

Now I can see why WP8 live tile is more superior than android's widget! It's just wonderful to have it!!! ^0^

Sorry not allowed by the platform right now.

Yes it's a great idea ! And you can make a bug live title which show a time line which show the deadline to do the task. and a small version that only show the task by priorities ?

And thank's for this app, it's a great app !

Sorry for my bad english.

A combined notes and task manager would be great! Even as a separate app... I'd certainly buy it if it had the right functions and interacted with the calendar/reminders!