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Daron Brewood 4 years ago • updated by JDB (Employee) 3 years ago 9
Support for calendar colours so that the correct colour is used for displaying appointments


Hello, you mean display colors in the start screen tile? Or in the appointments list?
The appointments list as I've aware that the tile data can't show mixed colours :)


There are some ways, though it kind of 'breaks' the home screen



I don't think it "breaks" anything to display calendar data in the calendar color. There is a very good usability reason for having distinct colors (my wife and I have 10 calendars shared between us—color coding is crucial to usability).

I really like the mockup with the colors below—I was surprised that it didn't already behave this way. I would add to give users the option to have the WHOLE title (not the date) be colored according to calendar.

The screenshot represents the exact! experience that I am looking for. For some reason this won't let me vote for it, but please add this as a feature!

Says I already voted, but didn't.  Anyway the other way to display the color is to change the Time section, for example in your pic above "In Minutes" would be calendar color.  Same for when you go into Upcoming Appointments - can always make it an toggle option. 

I think that with the new features of WP 8.1, it would be great to have the possibility to make tiles 'trasparent' using the background set for the phone.