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Johnathan R. Engel 2 years ago • updated by Emmanuel Rouillard 10 months ago 6
Have had your AppoinTile for some time and has recently stopped syncing. Not all the time but it will not last an entire 24 hours once i manually sync. Once I manually sync I will usually get anywhere from as few as 3 auto syncs to as many as say 10 hours worth but then it stops and i have to manually do it again. I have done everything from a soft reboot to reinstalling the app but it has not changed. Is this something that will be fixed soon?
Under review
We are still trying to identify this issue. Meanwhile please disable the back of the tile and the date watermark. It should work after that.
I have got the same issue for few days. Very strange that the app has worked very good for months ! I have not changed any point in the configuration recently. I will apply the mentionned workaround (back disabled). Hope a patch asap.
I hope that you get it worked out also... update if it helps any... I find that when what is being displayed does not sync the same time that the opened program does that is when it just stops... Also I hope that you do port it over to the new Windows 10 as I would like to use it on my Surface laptop as well...

I have the issue everyone else has been having lately. I have a Windows phone 925 (on T-Mobile) with the Windows phone 8.1 operating system. The phone was updated from Windows phone 8 to Windows phone 8.1 a couple years ago. Both before the Windows phone update, and since that update from Windows phone 8 to 8.1 (a couple years ago) the Appointile app worked exactly as expected. It is only recently that the app (not just the tile, but the app itself, what is displayed when the app is opened) stopped automatically refreshing. When the app is manually refreshed, the tile updates right along with it. It does not seem to be a "tile update problem", but a problem with the app itself automatically updating. The tile always displays whatever information the open app has, verbatim, whether it is out of date, or manually (since the problem) refreshed, and current. I have removed, and reinstalled the app several times, trying to get it working, but it still does not automatically update under any setting such as the 24 hour setting or periodically between 7:00 - 22:00. I use the normal sized tile. The only other setting I change are max appointments from 3 to 4, Show All Day events (Yes). In settings I tried filtering/hiding, once, which caused the live tile to show absolutely NO information at all, not just what I tried to filter. I also had checked, but am not using since the update issue, "Only show Facebook events I've responded to", which is a setting I had for years, but since the problem have removed. It does not appear to make a difference related to what is displayed, for me, any way. I have the latest version and I am trying it with only the setting / association for the Windows Live Calendar (the calendar associated with and included on Windows phone, at the time of purchase). I don't use Facebook Calendar, but on one of the re-installs, I tried it, and it stopped the app from getting any calendar data, at all (it hung the app - probably needs an association which I did not do, or access which I did not grant), so I uninstalled the app, and re-installed it, without Facebook, again. It seems the only time I can access the settings for which calendars appointile is associated with, is one time, immediately after an install. I also tried the reminder setting, which I am guessing is associated with Cortana, as reminders can be set in Cortana, but I am now back to only the Windows Live Calendar association, with Appointile. I don't remember if I had Reminders activated in my original appointile install which worked for years, but I only have Windows Live Calendar associated with appointile, now. Also, in my Settings >> Battery Saver >> AppoinTile the Allow app to run in the background has always been turned ON, and I did check it several times, thinking that might be the problem...The app used to work. I got used to seeing what I needed to do, over the years that appointile worked. Now I am missing things, because I am forgetting the tile information is no longer my current appointments. I have also done things on the wrong day, because of the wrong tile information, and then look like an idiot, because my information was wrong / not updated. After years of trusting the tile, and being constantly on the go, one gets into the habit of relying on the data provided, and not the habit of having to think about whether or not the tile refreshed. This is not just an inconvenience, but a very serious problem for your apps users, with implications that go well beyond just the app not working, but extend into the actual lives of its users, causing real world problems.

The solution is to not use the option "do not refresh between ...".

Actually thé option is useless.

no sorry this Is not the solution. The pb came back after one month. Fed up with this issue..