Lynne Burkert 3 years ago • updated by TomEdra 2 months ago 10
I have been using SMS free trial, and have now been prompted to pay as the free trial has run out. I am quite happy to pay the small fee to carry on using this, but when I select Buy the message says 'This app is not available for your device'.  Surely that can't be right????  Help pls.  I am using a Nokia Windows phone
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If you use the search on the store, do you find the paid version of the app? Install it from there.
Thanks JDB, I have tried this, but it still just comes up as stated above 'This app is not available for your device'.  How can it not be available for my device when I used the trial version with no problem?
Under which country is your Live ID registered?
Can you uninstall and try again now?
thanks very much, that seems to have done the trick - all loaded on now.  Should have know to uninstall and reinstall really - been using windows since the year dot!!! Ta :-)


i'm a italian user and i have installed the free version of sms machine, and it works Great for control my alarm system. I want to upgrade to the full version but i cant. The store tell me "this app is not avaible in this moment" so why?

how can buy the full version for me and my collaborators?