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RPD 3 years ago • updated by JDB (Employee) 3 years ago 10
Updated to latest version today(7/11). Keeps freezing during the scan. About a 30% success rate.
Windows Phone 8
Nokia Luma 928
OS: 8.0.10517.150
I'm having the same problem! I'm using a Nokia Lumia 1520
Same here. Lumia 1020, OS 8.10.12397.895
Under review
Can you please tell exactly when it freezes? A video will help if possible.

Also please all specify your phone models and OS version (WP8 / WP8.1)
Version 3.19.8 works like a charm. No freezes .... Thank you.
Same problem on Lumia 920. Handyscan standard, last update.
Lumia 1520. Lumia Cyan / Windows phone 8.1. I begin the scan, and it appears to have completed, but then freezes. There is a bar or line that slides down and then back up the screen (indicating that the app is actively scanning the document, I presume). Previously, when the bar reached the top of the screen, the scan would be completed and a menu with options to correct or adjust the image would appear. Now, when the bar reaches the top of the screen, the app freezes/hangs. No matter how long I wait, nothing happens and I have to exit out and force/manually close the app.
Also, I have installed all updates
Also, the lens does flad right before it freezes. And the "scanning" message remains displayed.
Can you try it worth a lower resolution setting?