Joseph Carlson 5 years ago • updated by Jordan 2 years ago 8
In conjunction with http://reach.jdbpocketware.com/topic/117295-persist-upload-to-cloud-settings/, please add an auto upload to cloud/email once saved to phone option. Once upload to cloud settings persist, this will make it much easier for me as I won't have to manually upload each document to the cloud/email it after saving on the phone.

Indeed that unprofessional message is on purpose since we can't control the user pressing the Home, or Search or Power buttons.

Regarding background uploading, it wasn't allowed by SkyDrive until a few months ago when they updated the SDK. We should be adding background transfer at some point.

At least in my case, I often scan receipts in places with poor connectivity. Therefore the auto upload should know which documents have been uploaded and send the new ones later if at first it doesn't succeed.

Another option that would solve the same problem would be a mass-upload: add the functionality to upload all the scans to the cloud using selected settings. I would be able to just run on wifi before I start filing expense reports to make sure I have all my receipts in skydrive.

That was useful!

Wondering if it's the same as http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windowsphone/develop/hh202955(v=vs.105).aspx

As far as I understand (I'm new to windows phone development), the "auto upload" uses a resource intensive task. The upload starts only when the phone is charging and connected to wifi. The advantage is that there is no size or time limit, as long as the phone is charging, and you can use any protocol.

The BackgroundTransfer starts immediately (or queue the transfer), but there are some limits (5MB over 3G, 20MB over wifi), and you can use only HTTP(S).

Now that I'm thinking, using a BackgroundTransfer seems to be a better solution.

Yes since SkyDrive API is over https. Besides BT is supported both in WP7 and 8.