Handyscan: PDF & send by email services improved

JDB (Employee) 12 years ago updated by uknews latest 1 year ago 6

After having issues and difficulties with converting to PDF and sending emails via Handyscan, as an emergency plan and as a way to take our emailing and PDF services to the next level, we are now being served by Azure and our emails now delivered by one of the best emailing platforms, SendGrid.

This is how the 'Handyscan ecosystem' looks now.

So if you own the full version of the app, you should now experience a more solid, faster and reliable emailing directly from the app. By using SendGrid you can rely on being confident that emails will reach their destination. These SendGrid guys, they only do emailing and they do it quite well. So no more need of seeking for your Handyscan messages into the Junk folders. No more worrying if your recipient got the message or not.

Another innovation we recently added, is native compatibility with Windows Phone 8, allowing it to integrate with your default camera by using the Lenses capability. You can now press your camera button to power on the phone, press the Lenses button and pick Handyscan, fewer steps and even handy-er.


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Hi, I have bought full version of Handyscan. Recently I've reset my phone to factory settings but when I want to reinstall the app, it doesn't appear in the purchased history. Can you help me fix this problem?

I have a Lumia920 w W8, purchased the full, but i still cannot send pdf or jpg via mail. It makes ne wait and than nothing happens... Help!!!

Please contact at mail@jdbp.mobi

I paid for Handyscan, but can't seem to receive what I paid for.