Default Camera vs Handyscan

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If you ever thought that using Handyscan was just like 'taking a picture' with the phone camera, then you might have been mistaken.

While there are a lot of benefits on using Handyscan over the normal camera, on pretty much every Windows Phone camera, taking pictures very close to the object will typically result on out of focus images. Only very few devices will focus properly when shooting close objects, the Samsung "Focus" S is one of them (you now know why they picked that name). But the remaining majority (including all currently available Nokia Lumias) will not focus properly unless you go to the camera settings and tweak them a little bit.

This is one of the areas where Handyscan takes advantage and outperforms traditional phone cameras on short distance capturing. Handyscan manages its own focusing technique, allowing the best focus and the best image capture, specialized for short distance capturing. Let the images talk...

Update (2/13/2013)

Since this comparison was made before the Lumia 920 was available, just made a comparison vs the Lumia 920 and Handyscan is still a winner!


Original (cropped) images:

* Camera:

* Handyscan:


- No image optimization was applied on Handyscan, just raw output (you get the raw one by selecting the middle option when prompted to pick an optimization).

- You can get similar results using the camera but you need to go to settings and set the capture mode to "Close-up".

Following comparisons are done on a Lumia 800.

(Click the image to zoom and see the huge difference)



Here is another taken with Handyscan under natural light, just like the Pro's! (and it's only 5MP, doesn't need more):


If you don't believe it, try it yourself! Get Handyscan, both the free and paid versions perform the same on this matter.

You can also read this topic on WPCentral (not written by us):

"Recently I read about "handyscan" app that is used as a document scanner. I have downloaded that app and compared images taken with Lumia 920 default camera app and with Handyscan. Handyscan takes sharper images, simply as that ! And what is even more interesting I tested to take not only documents but some portrait pictures as well. And Handyscan takes sharper photos of people too."


Good to know! I wasn't aware of this.

I've just tested this now. The result is indeed amazing, can't be done using default camera.

This convinced me to buy Handyscan.

Great you tried yourself. Which phone you have?

Good. And since this comparison was made before the 920 was available, just did a comparison vs the Lumia 920 and Handyscan is still a winner.

Original (cropped) images:



PS: No optimization was applied on Handyscan, just raw output.