AppoinTile v1.8 with Meeting Assistant

JDB (Employee) 12 years ago updated by aditi 5 years ago 2

AppoinTile v1.8 featuring "Meeting Assistant" which pulls up all the info you need in hand by your meeting time. You can setup the app to take you to this screen by just tapping one of the main screen tiles... one tap away!

From the Meeting Assistance you can set alarms to remind you something either before, during or after a meeting.

You can also send "arriving late" message to all attendees or just the organizer, and opt to send via SMS as well.

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Change log:

  • Can map specific actions to each Live Tile clicking
  • New "Meeting assistant" centralizes all the meeting related information to be at your hand during your meeting time
  • Time bar shows the meeting duration and progress
  • Can add extra reminders for either before, during or after a meeting
  • Can send custom 'arriving late' messages to all or to just the organizer, and opt to send by SMS as well
  • Email any attendee by just a tap
  • Get map directions or dial numbers directly depending on the meeting location
  • Copy any meeting field to the clipboard
  • Some bug fixes

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