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Facebook JDB and Social Scout "discontinued" - What to do?

JDB (Employee) 11 years ago updated by robincarwash628 2 months ago 5
Since the last few updates we merged both "free" and "paid" versions into one single app. The paid versions will now be hidden and  "discontinued" is added to the app name. This allows us more agile updating and app management.

So the definite links to apps are:

Facebook JDB
Social Scout
Free & Full Free & Full

The merge is designed to keep your existing "full version - no Ads" rights, but now all under one single app (actually it's the only one you can find by searching on the store).

If you are still having issues with the transition (you are getting Ads when you have already paid), do the following:

1. Install this app (if Facebook) or this app (if Social Scout)
2. Run the app, wait for about 5 seconds
3. You will see a message, click Ok.
4. Install the app you are prompted, run it and you can check at the "about" section if it is in "full" mode. 
5. From your programs list, uninstall the app having the "discontinued" word in the name.
You should do something like this to other apps, like moBudget.
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You mean single app? Hope soon.

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