moBudget - Share your charts

JDB (Employee) 12 years ago updated by robincarwash628 2 months ago 3

With the latest 3.23 version of moBudget it is now possible to share any chart directly from the app.

Sharing is done via email in combination with a cloud service (SkyDrive or Dropbox), so it is fist required that you setup any of those from ●●● > ●●● > my data.

Here is how it's done

Rotate the phone to landscape to display the chart, press the ●●● button and pick "send by email".


After a few seconds an email form will be shown containing the chart details and cloud link, ready for you to just input the recipients and send:


Behind the scenes moBudget is uploading the chart in .png image format to your SkyDrive or Dropbox account, under the ..\[moBudget_data]\charts\ directory.

So you can either access the charts by the links sent via email or directly from your cloud web interface. This is a SkyDrive view of the Charts folder for moBudget:


Full view of a chart:


Download moBudget at