New app announcement: Tile'agram (beta)

JDB (Employee) 11 years ago updated by Glint Post Report 2 years ago 0
Coming on time for this Christmas!

Tile'agram allows you to create beautiful diagrams made of a combination of tiles and pictures, and share them.


Create diagram of tiles - Multiple colors - Multiple image effects - Multiple tile layouts & widgets - Tag people pr places - Add icons - Post to Facebook or your network of choice.

Image Image Image

No, this is not another Instagram app! But you can actually post your Tile'agrams to Instagram, Facebook or any social network you use.

Image Image

The app makes it very simple to create the diagram of tiles, it will even suggest tile layouts depending on the data you provide. Tile'agrams are created using information such as date, location, time, icons, profile covers, photos, etc.

This app comes also integrated into the posting section of  JDB Facebook and Social Scout, for more rich and convenient sharing and checking-in.

It is currently in Beta mode so let us know your feedback from the about section of the app.

Download the Beta app today!