Facebook Platform/API changes

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Dear Social Scout and Booklet users,

Social Scout and Booklet apps have been temporarily restricted due to changes in Facebook Platform and development API.

In short, the new API is much more restricted and cuts off a lot of Social Scout functionality. Features that have been affected(disabled) by these platform changes are:
  • Friends nearby
  • Events nearby
  • Places monitoring
  • Friends nearby notifications
As for Booklet, nearly 100% of the app became useless, so it now redirects to the traditional newsfeed mode.

We are currently trying to get some kind of special allowance from Facebook Platform to be able to bring back the most of these apps functionality as we can.

You can learn more regarding this decision at:
Youtube video

Want to thank for your continued support on the app and our sincere apologizes for this 3rd party decision affecting us all.

Best regards,
JDB Pocketware

w.t.f. Facebook has gotten sorry .😠
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I don't even think that the restrictions have been taken. How can I check it? Any ideas?

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The recent API changes by Facebook have indeed imposed significant restrictions on Social Scout, leading to the disabling of several crucial features, including "Friends nearby," "Events nearby," "Places monitoring," and "Friends nearby notifications." These changes have had a profound impact on the app, rendering almost 100% of Booklet's functionality useless. As a result, the app now redirects users to the traditional newsfeed mode. This drastic transformation has left many users frustrated and disappointed with the diminished experience.

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